Antonio Silva Molina

Antonio Silva Molina

@stylustonypro / Designed for!

I´m the guy behind Stylecifer “THE FALLEN STYLE FROM HEAVEN” and Stylustonypro | Designed for! Both are personal brands created to show my passion for branding and graphic design.

My place of birth and alma mater is in Chile where I obtained my degree and professional title as a graphic designer at La República de Chile University. A diploma in Digital Media at the University of Chile. And I continue educating myself at in any single new aspect of the online digital game.

My whole career I was been designing the graphic style of marketing campaigns and the look and feel in the front-end development business. My insight are focus on the product design ecosystem trying to unhide the secret behind the most used applications.

And always I get amazed when I realize the impact of my graphics design’s knowledge has in the web design area, or how, good graphics could brand the people with a logo. And why the attention is stolen by the riddims of a motion graphic story.

Well, now I told you enough about me. So tell me.

How can I help you?

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