Aroha Nui

Aroha Nui Logo by Stylecifer

Aroha Nui Logo is an original Stylecifer project. Looking for an image able to show up the personality of this tourist destination.

To be honest. Not just any project can be so mysterious and beautiful. Giving me the possibility to combines archaeological mystery, the preservation of the environment. And celebrations of ancient traditions. That is the lifestyle of the natives people of Easter Island. Simple, beauty, sensuality, and that mystical talent for artistic expressions is what the image should describe with its primary components. And the use of motion graphics emphasizes the magical side of the story. While the audio highlights the pleasant cultural absorption of the Rapanui’s people. Offering us a kind invitation to be part of this living culture.

In this particular way, to design a charming logo and a thriving graphic style implementation. In your corporate image. It is the proof. I’m designed for!

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