It is a 24-second motion graphic shortcut.

Designed for advertising content and sell products beyond your thoughts.
Biggest investment powered by a little price! 

🙂 Thanks. Style is getting down!

Tell your story with narrative components and marketing objectives. Just like the biggest company does. In less than seven days.

 To do it. I’ll need little things from your brand.

Logo, key visual, slogan. What it is. And who is buying.

This is a brand product and slogan.

And animated narrative content.

This is a key visual to match sense with the main subject.

And story finishes with an answer that contains a social component.

Don’t forget to provide some information about it. It is another opportunity to make a brand impact.

For $90 have a professional ad’s product to look just like your original brand style in global media. Be better than the biggest corporation with the perfect content.

Term of service and payment method by inbox. Always be sure what you are buying and how confident the service is 😃

Take a look at the video example. The impact that it has on Facebook newsfeed audience, is explained by itself.

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